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For over 30 years, our top rated United States Equipment and Manufacturing
Company has been helping clients purchase waste management and recycling
equipment, in just about every city state zip code, all over the world. We even supply
equipment to cruise ships, tankers, freighters, oil platforms, oil rigs, and other unique
business related applications.

The reason customers choose us over our competition is superior customer service,
great attention to detail, and our world-class waste recycling products have a long
history of reliability and performance. In addition, our products are backed by a solid 1-
2-3 warranty.

Warehouse, production, operation, and purchasing managers love that we guide them
through the equipment selection process. Our equipment experts are experienced and
service all 50 states.

Our global product and service offerings are extensive and include a wide range of
different sized vertical balers, horizontal balers, multi-bin balers. trash compactors,
drum crushers, pre-crushers, and receivers. If you need something other than
standard equipment, we also manufacturer custom designed waste handling
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Custom Waste Management Equipment
Vertical Balers, PET Balers
Drum Crushers
Horizontal Balers (Closed End & Wide Mouth)
Compactors (Apartment & Self-Contained)
Vertical Compactors (Stationary)
Recycling Center Equipment
Cardboard Balers
Trash Compactors
60" Vertical Balers
Mill Size Balers
Buy, Lease, and Rental Options Available
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locations in the United States.
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